What is the concept of edeXa?

edeXa will record business transactions in seconds, drastically increase transparency and security and create simple interfaces. edeXa will offer solutions and services for a business blockchain. The parent company of edeXa is an established software company specialized in the area of supply-chain solutions. edeXa will provide even faster and further solutions to speed up everyday business solutions and will use the thousands of existing clients from its parent company. Companies get access to the edeXa business blockchain and can exchange information, prices, stock levels, invoices and even documents using the blockchain.


How does edeXa create value?

Over 70% of companies still use paper invoices instead of convenient electronic interfaces and processes. Many companies find the connection of electronic interfaces too complicated and too complex – new basic approaches are required. This is where edeXa comes in. Services will be unified, interoperability increased and multiple data storage of documents will be eliminated. Information asymmetries between business partners or between businesses and consumers can be overcome. The parent company io-market AG has been in this market for 20 years and is looking for a new and innovative approach. edeXa will speed up business processes, increase transparency and reduce errors.

ICO Status ICO Supply Total Supply Currency Price Start End
14.200.000 20.000.000 ETH, BTC, EUR 1 Token = 0,32 € 2018-12-18 2019-06-30