Valyuta a gold backed cryptocurrency is designed on a robust revenue and investment model. This makes the coin more desirable to avail and invest. As every completed transaction is charged with a small fee not exceeding the range of 1% to a maximum of $10. 80% of this fee is further on accumulated to the designated amount in order to re-invest and add more gold to the already existing gold in the reserve thus, making each coin gain its value on a continuous mode. Valyuta currently is valued at the Current Price of 1 gm of Gold (Approx. $40). The total count of Valyuta is 21 Million Coins which will be sold during the VLT period which will be live for three months. The physical gold is essential as Valyuta is a gold backed currency and its value is only as valid as the amount of physical gold in the reserve. Valyuta is a gold backed crypto currency. The value of the physical gold in the reserve is directly proportionated to track the performance of the coin in the market

ICO Status ICO Supply Total Supply Currency Price Start End
2,10,00,000 1,47,00,000 ETH,BTC Per Gram Gold 2018-10-05 2019-01-05