We remapped the way electrical power is produced and we came up with a new product, a new form of electricity, a disruptive utility for the whole Earth that is: Inexpensive At 8¢ per kWh Screems electricity is lower priced than any provider can deliver on the market today. With screems energy you only pay 8¢ per kWh, fixed price, no tariff charges, set for 10 years. Reliable It is a clean type of energy that isn't only inexpensive, but can provide for your full home's energy needs. No other extra energy needed. Fuelless 100% ZERO emissions, not a particle of CO2 ever! No fuels are consumed whatsoever to generate screems energy. This one technology delivers the ratified Paris Climate Change objectives! Independent Off-grid forever. Being installed in-house, and providing energy for the entire household, you have no need to be connected to the national electric Grid.

ICO Status ICO Supply Total Supply Currency Price Start End
1000000 3000000 ETH, BTC, FIAT 15 Tokens = 1 ETH 2018-06-12 2018-12-25