Using all the advantages of blockchain technology, Sessia presents a new way of communication between businesses and customers. We call it «social marketplace» - an ecosystem where brands can simply develop and apply effective promotional tools by sharing the purchases of their client with their Friends and followers.
SESSIA’s team has developed a unique iOS and Android software that eliminates the technological debt issue of many companies in less than 10 minutes. It provides businesses with 6 Sessia products in one place:

SessiaPay – provides any business with instant crypto merchant account.
SessiaMarket – allows offline business to launch e-commerce with maximum ease and speed.
SessiaCRM – a smart CRM system with integrated AI features.
SessiaSMM – an innovative approach on how to advertise products and services to the friends and followers of their current clients.
SessiaLoyalty – the first globally connected cryptocurrency cashback system in the world with instant payouts.
SessiaLogistics – ability to easily integrate with all the logistic companies without API.
Sessia is absolutely free for businesses, and a personal manager is provided to each company. We make money by charging a 20% commission fee on the cashbacks and kickbacks that business is providing to it's customers using Sessia app.

ICO Status ICO Supply Total Supply Currency Price Start End
94684513 100000000 ETH, FIAT 2019-03-18 2019-07-31