ReadyPlayGo - The World’s First Real Money Gaming App Store and Platform

ReadyPlayGo is a revolutionary, fully licensed gaming platform that offers unique gaming experience to it's players and exposes game developers to net new revenue stream. 

The ReadyPlayGo platform will not only offer a broad selection of games – from traditional casino-type games and lotteries to the increasingly popular genre of social games and games of skill – but also fast money deposits and withdrawals, security, guaranteed fairness and provability, and all the advantages of blockchain technology. 

To ensure maximum level of transparency and fairness the ReadyPlayGo platform is built on the NEM blockchain. One problem faced by blockchain-based casinos, or any blockchain application for that matter, is the high cost and slow speed of on-chain transactions. While all blockchain platforms have indelibility and persistence of information characteristics, all of them have speed and latency issues. ReadyPlayGo solves this by using a private and permissioned NEM blockchain called Mijin.    

ReadyPlayGo’s regulatory technologies assure the highest standards for entertainment value, regulatory and tax compliance, and provable fairness.  Thanks to a proprietary AI engine that continuously monitors all of ReadyPlayGo operations ensures elimination of fraud, money laundering, collusion and corruption.

ICO Status ICO Supply Total Supply Currency Price Start End
1,815,914,310 6,666,666,666 XEM, ETH, BTC, USD, EUR, HKD, PHP, JPY, KRW 1 RPG Token = 0.021 USD 2018-07-21 2018-10-15