Kryptonec is a blockchain powered anonymous decentralized platform with personalized token based on Ethereum's smart contract ecosystem.

The main objective of KRYPTONEC team is to create a platform that can serve the
purposes of both the Service Providers and Clients. The platform built over Ethereum protocol
makes use of smart contracts for automation and provides an easy and cost-effective way to
sell and showcase services. Unlike other similar platforms, KRYPTONEC incorporates a simple yet
efficient user interface that allows the users to browse and see services just the way they have
been doing on conventional services platform. The multi cryptocurrency and fiat support
makes the platform even more convenient for the users.

ICO Status ICO Supply Total Supply Currency Price Start End
5,000,000,000 KRY 10,000,000,000 ETH 1 ETH = 10,000,000 KRY 2018-12-15 2019-02-10