Infinite 8 is a software technology which allows its users to dramatically decrease the size of their data, by iterating compression operations almost without limitation. This ability is truly unique, as standard compression technologies available on the market do not allow multiple compression operations, or only in a very limited way. For an example, it is useless to attempt to compress multiple times data which has been compressed using traditional ZIP algorithms, or lossy compression (image, video), as the gains would be marginal at best on the first iteration of compression, and the next operations would result in the data size actually inflating rather than being reduced. We believe this ground breaking technology will disrupt the data storage multi-billion dollars market We also believe that another application, as disruptive as the first one, of our technology, is to allow, rather than reducing the size of the stored data, to complement this data with embedded metadata and access control features, thereby allowing data protection and data representation capabilities, aligned with the current market and regulations trends (eg. GDPR), and the more global desire of individuals to regain control over their data. We intend to leverage this ICO in order to generate awareness about our software to develop a network of partners and to gather a community of users, thereby creating an ecosystem able to deliver to the market the promises of our technology.

ICO Status ICO Supply Total Supply Currency Price Start End
8000000 16000000 ETH, BTC 1 Token = 0.01 ETH 2018-06-15 2018-12-01