GAUS Trade is the first blockchain based platform designed to purchase new vehicles at discounts up to 30%. The implementation of the GAUS Trade infrastructure allows excluding a number of intermediaries from the chain between the automaker to the buyer. The dealership’s role of the existing vehicle distribution system is important as it receives payment and guarantees the delivery of the purchase. However, its existence augments the end price (including marginal costs: salaries, rent, marketing cost etc.) paid to dealer by buyer. GAUS as a scalable, decentralized online system connecting manufacturers and buyers, bypasses the need for such expenses by solving the issues of payment and guarantees both. The manufacturer maintains the same price on released goods, however, due to the absence of intermediaries, the buyer pays considerably less.

ICO Status ICO Supply Total Supply Currency Price Start End
1000000000 ETH, BTC, USD 2018-09-04 2018-10-05