Today, we can see a lot of interesting projects on the market, but a small percentage of them are successful. Why is this happening? We believe that tokens should represent more than just a project. In our opinion tokens should be profitable, valuable and useful. In Therefore we have divided our project into 3 phases. The first phase will be the launch of the Cryptocurrency exchange. We want to create a secure cryptocurrency exchange in which each token holder will have a share. You will be able to vote for the introduction of new currencies and you will have an impact on the general Deorum activity. This allows Tokens will be profitable. 40% of the exchange income will be divided among token holders. Features: Security – The most important feature of exchanges nowadays is the security of funds our users. From time to time we hear about the theft of funds. This is unacceptable and because of this we want to create a special department responsible for security. Multi language support – We will support English, Spain German and Russian on all of user interfaces. More languages will be added over time. Low fees – Deorum initially will charge a 0.25% fixed fee per trade. Extensive affiliate system – You will receive up to 40% of commissions taken from the trade of users registered with your reflink. Scalability – We will be ready to increase our business The second stage will be the creation of a marketing platform on which people will be able to acquire: Likes Comments Shares Followers Etc. On Type platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Payments will be implemented with the help of our Deorum Token. People who will want to earn tokens will execute the order. The second phase will cause the Tokens will be useful. The third target phase is the transition to “Mainnet”. It will be an anonymous and fast cryptocurrency In which we want to implement a new algorithm of difficulty. Algorithm will regulate the supply of new coins based on price. In an effort to stabilize the price, the number of coins in the circuit may be greater or less.

ICO Status ICO Supply Total Supply Currency Price Start End
12500000 25000000 ETH 1DEO=4000ETH 2018-05-19 2018-06-30