Dago Mining has decided to produce the energy that will be used for mining with solar thermal concentration photovoltaics and the storage of energy (heat and electricity) in an ecological way that will give us the possibility of mining at night too. The technologies are already tested and widely used. We intend to use, for the construction of the plants, companies with many years of experience in their sector and with a very high level of know-how. Some members of our team currently collaborate in the construction of power stations and their maintenance. The various parts that compose the power plant have durations estimated of 20 years, this gives us the opportunity to plan the low maintenance they need and then to predict the costs. We can exponentially increase the power of Hash Power without impacting the ecosystem, using increasingly powerful hardware cool-immersion refrigerated to increase both power and durability, while maintaining extraction capacity at high levels. The chosen location is a region of a European country, where we are negotiating to be included in a no-tax zone with a 4% tax burden. We can also participate in non-repayable financing flags, issued by the same Region of the State and by the European Community for renewable energy sources. We are the future of Mining, NOW!

ICO Status ICO Supply Total Supply Currency Price Start End
75000000 150000000 ETH, BTC, USD 1 Token = 1 USD 2018-08-30 2018-11-10