Artis Aes, in Latin, means "The coin of Art". For this reason, it is natural for us to enter the world of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

We have already developed and launched a set of platforms for the evaluation, promotion and sale of art goods and their assets.

Our new challenge is to develop a new way to enjoy, promote and buy and sell art

Here is how we will do it:

-> Building new platforms on the Ethereum blockchain.

-> Developping a new peer-to-peer blockchain marketplace infrastructure.

-> Using a new crypto token (Artis Aes AES) to use some features that the other crypto generally lack.

-> Implementing new smart contracts for the management of the AES.

-> Developping a new Decentralized Document Management System, for storing and managing the electronic art information.

-> Developping a new Artists Galleries decentralized platform.

-> Implementing a new tokenization engine in order to finance the future art.

-> Creating club-members/intranet services on the blockchain.

The purpose of fundraising is to finance all-or-part of the infrastructure and services described in the White Paper, that Artis Aes intends to offer to its users and the market.

The larger the amount collected, the greater the possibility for Artis Aes to be a leader in its own market, in a totally open and borderless environment.

The project that is the basis of this crowdfunding campaign is ambitious, important and robust. The challenge is to put in place truly winning infrastructure and services

-> for widening the audience of users, enthusiasts and lovers of figurative art,

-> for financing emerging art,

-> for financing dissemination and meeting events,

-> for financing the restoration and income generation of valuable artworks,

-> for increasing security and the average level of authenticity of art,

-> for offering more effective, efficient and cost-effective payment methods.

ICO Status ICO Supply Total Supply Currency Price Start End
52000000 100000000 ETH 0.01 2019-03-24 2019-04-24