Mainnet Launch Results in IOST’s Price Gain

The launch of Mainnet has impacted the markets, as indicated by a recent double-digit increase in IOST’s price. The gain has risen by 30% in about a week. IOST, having the market cap of around $81 million, increased by 13% in 24 hours.

IOST’s blockchain infrastructure which exudes higher scalability and security compared to its peers, is counting down the days until its mainnet launch in February.

To ensure that launch takes place without any hiccups, IOST has introduced a bug bounty programme. Developers are invited to review the code and flag vulnerabilities, for which they could be rewarded up to the highest bounty of 500,000 IOST depending upon the risk level of the bug. IOST received about two dozen developer applications, many including for iOS and Android mobile wallet development. The company is soon to announce the final candidates.

IOST is also making efforts to compete on the decentralized app (dApp) level. The $40 million venture capital-backed project is the focus of a new accelerator programme for dApp developers. Bluehill which is a blockchain incubator has introduced the $30 million Pioneer fund to help developers and projects inside the IOST ecosystem.

The investment of Bluehill’s Pioneer fund was intended for Endless Game at $3.5 million. Profit sharing online arcade Endless Game is set to launch on the IOST mainnet. Also, it is engaged in the node selection. The game is already available on EOS. In addition, IOST is also set to launch on TRON network.