7 Top Expert Predictions About Bitcoin in the Future

Everyone wants to know about the Bitcoin’s future price prediction. The Bitcoin, which had made its debut a decade ago, has been growing from strength to strength. But, new investors want to be sure they are putting their money in the right place by researching the future prospects of this cryptocurrency. It is imperative to know whether Bitcoin does indeed have a future or whether the Bitcoin bubble will burst soon. Here are some of the predictions about Bitcoin prices put forward by some leading crypto experts:

  1. Antony Pompliano: Pompliano is of strong repute in the crypto world and founder of the hedge fund Morgan Creek Digital, specializing in developing blockchain technology. He feels that the Bitcoin will hit $100k towards the end of next year, primarily because of Bitcoin’s demand and supply. While the debate centered on a choice between Bitcoin and gold, he felt that Bitcoin was a far more worthwhile investment. He has experienced most bitcoin trading app and shared his experiences. His bitcoin code erfahrungen are quite helpful and motivational for beginners.
  2. Timothy Max Keiser: He is a reported in the US, a filmmaker with a passion for financial markets. He had been following moves by Warren Buffet ever since the eighties and he feels that Buffet’s move to buy gold will drive the Bitcoin to $50k. He predicts also that the coin will possibly hit $100k and he is certain that Warren Buffet will also start investing in Bitcoins once he is done testing investments with gold.
  3. Preston Psych: A John Hopkins University graduate, Preston published many books on this industry. He has been researching the way the market moves and analyzing Buffet’s strategies. This has allowed him to come up with future price predictions about the Bitcoin. He thinks that the Bitcoin will witness a bullish trend and this will not even stop after its prices hit $100k. He is confident that prices will escalate higher.
  4. Ari Paul: While he may not be very well-known in this industry, this youngster has been raking in millions and is the chief investment officer and co-founder of Block Tower Capital. This company has been managing crypto assets since 2017. According to him, it is an inflation market right now and the onset of a bullish trend for both Bitcoins and gold. So, their prices could go much higher towards the year-end. Alternately, investors can look for buying stocks and shares to support their business. Look out for the best stock app for US residents today to expand your business and grow more.
  5. Mike Novogratz: He is a Bitcoin entrepreneur and a renowned Bitcoin bull. He has made enough money as a hedge fund manager, having become a billionaire according to Forbes in 2007-2008. He predicts that the BTC prices will hover around $65,000.
  6. Wences Casares: He is the CEO and founder of the Bitcoin wallet startup Xapo. He took interest in Bitcoins mainly because of the high volatility in his country Argentina. He bought Bitcoins first in 2011 and he feels that prices of the Bitcoin will reach $1 million before 2027.
  7. Kay Van Peterson: He is an analyst at the Saxo Bank, one that specializes in online investments and trading. He got his education from Copenhagen and is currently based in Singapore. He speculates often on crypto prices on Twitter. He is of the view that Bitcoin prices will shoot up to $100,000 per unit by 2027.